let’s start w this pic

let’s start w this pic

hi, this is jamie loftus. i am a comedian, writer and animator in los angeles if that's okay, but am from boston originally, with your permission of course.

here is a short list of things that are true. i, jamie, am:
- headed to the edinburgh fringe festival with my show ‘boss whom is girl,’ about a devious corporate feminist named shell gasoline-sandwich.
- a tv writer that has staffed for ‘robot chicken’ on adult swim, ‘damage control’ on eko, ‘human kind of’ on facebook watch, and comedy central digital.
- a nationally touring standup.
- the cohost of ‘the bechdel cast,’ a feminist movie podcast on iheartradio, writer for chelsea handler’s ‘life will be the death of me’ and resident little zamboni on ‘the daily zeitgeist’ on the same network.
- an illustrator and animator who has worked for comedy central, vice, playboy, paste magazine, JASH, cafe and i guess myself.
- creator, writer and star of ‘irrational fears’ on comedy central digital, and talent and writer for ‘upgraded’ and ‘robot takeover’ on the now-deceased super deluxe.
- an actor and voice actor (no!!!) that has appeared on comedy central, adult swim, super deluxe, tbs digital and ‘all about nina.’
- formerly interesting for buttchugging for attention.

if you are just here to email me about my feet i am not answering what my shoe size is; my hint is that i am six feet tall and a full length picture of me should be enough for anyone who really wants to know to be able to do the math.

some things you might not know: my writing has appeared in the new yorker, vice, motherboard, the boston globe, splitsider, fast company, man repeller, playboy magazine and paste magazine. i have been a research editor at playboy magazine for a few years on and off. i wrote, consulted and appeared in 'all about nina,' a movie starring mary elizabeth winstead and common. i’m the leading scholar on all things pertaining to the chuck e. cheese animatronic band.

i'm a freak bitch and have absolutely no intention of dying

here's a vid of me playing the oboe very well:


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