i make cartoons! 

if this is something you don't believe, i have done animation and illustration for folks like comedy central, funny or die, super deluxe, vice, playboy magazine, cracked, KPCC, paste magazine, cafe, and released a book called "poisonous people paper dolls" in 2017 with devastator press. please don't ask me how i make my cartoons, it is a long and embarrassing process that would upset you.

this is me and scooby and then me again (either from left to right or the other way around). it is not based on any previous image.

this is me and scooby and then me again (either from left to right or the other way around). it is not based on any previous image.

This is RAT TEENS, a series I wrote and voiced and illustration for Cafe in 2017. It's about conjoined rat teens. That's pretty much all I have to say!

This is BOSTON PD: ZAMBONI CRIMES DIVISION, a series I made for Cafe in 2016 and 2017 and sometimes still if I'm in a certain kind of mood. 

Here are some animated shorts that I've made and would like for you to see. Some of them were made for others in exchange for money, some of them were made for myself, and others still were made for others who were not paying me and, had they know I'd made them, probably would not be thrilled. Anyways, I hope you enjoy them.

Here are some zines and other illustrated projects I don't mind you seeing. There are others out there, but you'd have to look pretty hard to find them. That's fine, though, because I don't like them as much. You can waste your time trying to find those, but I honestly think your time is better spent staying here and checking out these ones. They really are better.

Let's start with the Robert Durst 2017 calendar.

Then I'd direct you to "Poisonous People Paper Dolls," a zine I released through Devastator Press. These are a few of my favorite pages.

Then there's "THE YOUNG LADIES' GUIDE TO HATING YOUR BODY," which debuted at San Diego Comic Con in 2016. Here's some pages from all of that.

Here is a coloring book I made for Playboy, and I hesitate to put my more hokey commissioned work here but it was an assignment that sort of led to the end of my time there anyhow, so I'll leave it. I originally made it to go along with a more critical piece I'd written for Playboy's website concerning International Women's Day and chose to draw women who had both posed in Playboy and gone on to have a successful career in business, film or otherwise. After some frustrating back and forth with my (expectedly straight white male) editor, he altered my piece significantly in order to remove the suggestion that a woman who had posed for Playboy had ever accomplished anything, and ended up tipping off the marketing department that there was a young illustrator working there who had made a coloring book. The magazine had just gone non-nude, a bad decision that would later be reversed, and the marketing department asked if my illustrations could be used at that year's New Fronts to promote the magazine's new look. I made $10 an hour with no benefits as a copy editor and needed the money, and so I agreed. Anyways, they never paid me for it, claimed that making the coloring book had been a "great experience for me" and laid me off on my birthday. The coloring book is fun, though. 2016 sucked.

This is "THE ADULT COLORING BOOK OF ADULTHOOD," a coloring book with no professional trauma attached that I like.

That's everything I wanted to show you in regards to cartoons, I think. To conclude, two pictures of scissoring.

Thank you, this has been the cartoon portion of the website.