there you are! i hope you are here to get tickets to my edinburgh fringe show, ‘boss whom is girl.’ here’s where you can do so:

Los Angeles: July 2, 3, 7 and 20th at the Lyric Hyperion

London: July 27 and 28th at the Bill Murray

Edinburgh: July 31st to August 26th at Pleasance Baby Grand

Here’s a little about the show; it is written and performed by me and produced/tech directed by Isaac Taylor.
Yas, ladies!!! Jamie Loftus brings her Edinburgh Fringe show to the Lyric Hyperion as Shell Gasoline-Sandwich, a toxic corporate feminist who is teaching all fellow girlbosses how to use technology to steal data for fun, profit and #feminism. Come meet Shell and her digital companion Patricia to learn about the Inverted Pussy Pyramid of Girlboss Needs and learn how to take advantage of the poor for personal profit just as well as the boys!