i am a comedian and what follows is a series of videos that function as evidence. 

here is a video of me doing standup at paste studios in new york. i've appeared on hulu's 'coming to the stage' and been made a comedy central comic to watch, run a monthly show called "chill" at the pack theater, and perform all over the country. enjoy it!

right now i write and host a webseries called "UPGRADED" on the super deluxe network. it puts my cohost jeffery and i in a series of compromising positions for the sake of looking marginally better. you can watch it if you want and if you don't i won't find out!

here's a few other examples of me doing standup or appearing in sketches for comedy central and funnyordie and super deluxe too.

something people will ask me about from time to time is about how i am eating the book 'infinite jest' and this is the video that illustrates that.

this is an hourlong interactive play called "SWAN LAKE, LIVE FROM A LOCKED BASEMENT" i wrote, animated and performed on JASH. my friend gary petersen costars and it's really fun.

i do a bunch of one-person shows, which you will just have to believe are less dumb than that phrase would imply. here are clips from a few of them: "the nutcracker," "i lost my virginity on august 15 2010," and "farewell to nicky."

okay, that'll do it for this page. they're all kind of comedy-related pages, you can find more on the cartoons or vids page if you want.